Flossie Kingsbury

I am a writer and geographer based in Aberystwyth, Wales, and currently a postdoctoral research associate for WISERD / Aberystwyth University.

Heritage and the use of stories and oral testimony as research sources play a central part in my research interests, as I explore reactions to cultural change and political chaos through the lens of contemporary civil society and polarisation. I’m interested in understanding how the past impacts the values and attitudes of the present, particularly in relation to contested histories of empire and colonialism, and the role of nostalgia. I have a special interest in the history of counterculture, especially in relation to sustainability/alternative lifestyles.

Independently of my postdoctoral research I am currently developing a pilot study into how family history can help us to understand the roots of climate change, through exploring personal familial connections to empire and industry.

I am a postdoctoral representative for the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society (CWPS), and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Association of Critical Heritage Studies.