Kingsbury, Flossie (2022) ‘How taking a closer look at your family tree can help you get to grips with climate change’. The Conversation. Available at: https://theconversation.com/how-taking-a-closer-look-at-your-family-tree-can-help-you-get-to-grips-with-climate-change-183167.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2021) ‘Countercultural Cymru: stories of lifestyle migration to rural Wales, 1965-1980’. PhD Thesis, Aberystwyth University. Available at: https://pure.aber.ac.uk/portal/en/theses/countercultural-cymru(ebaa1ac9-5f06-484a-85ee-16bf8d61bd28).html#

Conference papers

Kingsbury, Flossie (2022) ‘Using Family History to Comprehend the Roots of Climate Crisis: Reflections on Personal Experience’. Paper presented at the The Future of Genealogy – Young Genealogists at the Helm Conference, hosted by the Society of Genealogists and Family History Federation. Online.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2022) ‘“Young Entitled Eco-Warriors”: Tensions between structural and personal responses to climate change’. Paper presented at It’s Not Climate Change – It’s Everything Change: Early Career Researcher Symposium, Newcastle University.

Sanders, Amy; Kingsbury, Flossie; Woods, Mike and Jones, Rhys Dafydd (2021) ‘Examining the Navigation, Adaptation and Resistance of Local Civil Society Around Discourses of Nationalism, Populism and Polarisation’. Paper presented at Charity, the Far Right, and the Civic State discussion event, hosted by Cardiff University, Online.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2020) ‘Harry Potter and the Changing Nature of Intangible Cultural Heritage’. Paper presented at the ACHS 5th Biennial Conference, Online.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2019) ‘Once upon a time in Wales…: experiences of writing story-based historical geography’. Paper presented at the RGS-IGB Annual International Conference, London, UK.

Kingsbury, Flossie and Dann, Beth (2019) ‘Breaking Barriers: a discussion on disability and chronic illness in academic geography’. Session & paper presented at the RGS-IGB Annual International Conference, London, UK.

Kingsbury, Flossie; Jones, Bethan Siân and Evans, Rhodri (2019) ‘Peace, Politics & Vegan Sausage Rolls: How deviant beliefs from the 60s-80s have adapted to contemporary Welsh society’. Panel at the WISERD Annual Conference, Aberystwyth, UK.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2019) ‘From Japan to Afghanistan: International influences on the British counterculture movement in Wales, and their implications’. Paper presented at the PGF-RGS Mid-Term Conference, Manchester, UK.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2017) ‘Living the Dream?: A Geography of Lifestyle Migration to Rural Wales, 1965-1980’. Paper presented at the Welsh Human Geography Postgraduate Conference, Gregynog, UK.

Other events

Kingsbury, Flossie (2022) ‘Gentle Radicalism: Then and Now’. Compton’s Yard Charitable Trust public event: ‘Dream On: Gentle Radicalism, Then and Now’. Llanidloes, UK.

Kingsbury, Flossie and Greenhough, Beth (2021) ‘What shapes our days? Making time for connection as a form of quiet rebellion’. Workshop for the Not Lone Wolf Symposium, Online.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2020) ‘Working and Waiting: the impact of chronic illness on the PhD research process’. Paper presented at the GHWRG Hack Day, Online.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2018) ‘Empty, Wild & Foreign: the 70s’ counterculture’s view of Wales’. Paper presented as part of the CWPS Seminar Series, Aberystwyth, UK.

Kingsbury, Flossie (2018) Untitled talk for Compton’s Yard Charitable Trust public event: ‘Llani and the “alternative” movement’. Llanidloes, UK.

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